Summer Camp:

• Making School More Like Camp (for teachers & school administrators)
• Best Age for Camp
• Five Reasons Great Parents send their Kids to Camp
• Why Kids Flourish at Camp
• Teenagers and Camp
• Preparing Your Child and Dealing with Homesickness
• Messages for an Anxious Campers
• Parking your Helicopter
• Parenting Challenges and How Camp can Help

Social Skills/Friendship:

• Coaching Children to Better Social Skills
• 10 Friendship Skills Every Child Needs
• 5 Steps to Help Kids Learn Conflict Resolution Skills
• 3 Communication Skills Kids Need

Parenting/Family Life/Well-Being:

• Focusing on Strengths
• Positive Behavior Management
• Fostering Family Happiness
• Teaching Responsibility
• Promoting Independence (Separation & Individuation)
• Making Family Dinner like a Campfire
• Unplugging
• Parenting Teen Girls
• Grit, Goals, and Growth
• Life Skills Kids Need Before College
• Parental College Readiness
• Older Child Adoption

WOWing Parents:

• Exceeding Parental Expectations (for teachers, school administrators, and camp counselors)
• Strategic Planning
• Shaping your Camp or School’s Culture

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