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Happy Campers:
9 Summer Camp Secrets for Raising Kids Who Become Thriving Adults

Complete with specific ideas to implement these summer camp secrets at home, Happy Campers is a one-of-a-kind resource for parents wanting to raise happy, socially intelligent, successful kids.

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As a veteran summer camp director, psychologist, and parenting expert, I have spent three decades studying and learning the benefits created by kids attending summer camp; what makes summer camp a a place that kids call their “happy place” and “second home.” The summer camp culture is one where research has proven kids become happier while gaining important social and emotional skills in just two weeks.

Based on thousands of interactions with campers, camp counselors, and parents, and on academic research in positive psychology, I wrote Happy Campers where I introduce the framework of intentional strategies to help parents create the same kind of transformational culture that kids experience at camp.

Are you ready to learn how to raise a generation of kids who are less overwhelmed, less anxious, less depressed, and able to function as independent and responsible adults? It's time to take back our youth and create an environment at home that promotes the growth of important character traits and social skills that kids need in order to have meaningful and successful lives.

This workbook and discussion guide for Happy Campers includes an introduction, reflection/discussion questions, suggested additional books and resources, and a Q&A with author Audrey Monke.

Pick up a copy of HAPPY CAMPERS and follow the 2020 online book club and discussions by reading one chapter per month. Join the online book club for additional resources, videos, and discussions!

Here are a few Camp Secrets shared within Happy Campers:

​​​​camp secret


Connection Comes First

​​​​camp secret


Catch Them Doing Something Right

​​​​camp secret


Positive Practices Produce Optimistic Kids

​​​​camp secret


All Kids Can Be More Independent (Even Clingy Homebodies!)

​​​​camp secret


Grit Is Grown Outside the Comfort Zone

​​​​camp secret


Kids Are More Capable Than Parents Think They Are

​​​​camp secret


Kids Thrive with Structure

​​​​camp secret


Make It Cool to Be Kind

​​​​camp secret


Coach Kids to Better Friendships

What's your family's positivity quotient?

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