Raise Thriving Kids

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Join Audrey Monke & Sara Kuljis for this online version of their Raise Thriving Kids all-day workshop, now divided into 11 video lessons (20-30 minutes each).

Each video covers specific strategies for creating the family culture you want, raising successful, thriving kids, building your positive parenting toolbox, and loving the child you have.

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Video: Welcome to Raise Thriving Kids

Welcome to the Raise Thriving Kids online parenting course. We are thrilled to be on this journey with you to help you raise kids who become self-reliant, kind, responsible, thriving adults! 

Here's to raising great kids!

Audrey & Sara

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Read: Camp Secret #1 (Connection Comes First)

This is a free download of the first chapter of Audrey's book, HAPPY CAMPERS, which is an optional resource for course participants.

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Video 4: Pace & Space

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