Raise Thriving Kids Workshops

Learn Strategies For Growing
The Skills & Character Traits Kids Need

Through our exclusive parenting workshops led by Audrey Monke & Sara Kuljis, you'll learn effective strategies from summer camp owners and directors who have trained and worked with thousands of camp staff, parents, and “happy campers.”

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"Thank you for helping us raise our kiddos!"

~ Jodie

"Loved the content and the interaction. Appreciate the tools, resources, and links provided."

~ Mo

"The workshop was excellent, informative, and super helpful. Love the group discussions!"

~ Kristen

Curious on what you’ll learn during these workshops?

Here's an outline on what we covered during our last workshop training session:

  • Creating the Family Culture You Want by learning how to move your actions closer to your values and determining what kind of family you want to build.
  • Raising Successful, Thriving Kids means defining what success for your kids looks like, what character traits you seek to foster, and how to help them become thriving adults.
  • Building Your Positive Parenting Toolbox that includes skills like Authoritative Parenting, Connection Before Correction, Play & Fun, and the Power of Affirmation. 
  • Loving The Child You Have by harnessing the power of Positive Language - Behavior Management, Calming Skills for Ourselves & Our Kids - Internal Chatter, Empathy, and Compassion.
Happy Campers Book

PLUS! Each participant received a copy of Audrey's book, Happy Campers: 9 Summer Camp Secrets for Raising Kids Who Become Thriving Adults

Meet Your Presenters

Audrey Monke, MA is a 30-year veteran camp owner and director with a master’s degree in psychology. She researches, writes, and speaks about summer camp, social skills, and raising flourishing kids.

Sara Kuljis, is a longtime summer camp owner and director, parenting trainer, and Gallup Strengths Coach. She specializes in training parents and youth development professionals on positive communication and behavior management and how to help bring out children's natural passions, talents and strengths.

"Thank you both again for a truly wonderful day! My heart is so full after our time together and I feel so inspired and encouraged by your wonderful presentations and lively conversation."


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