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Your camp forms are filled out and you know where the bus drop-off point is. Now it’s time for the final step in getting your camper ready for camp – packing! I’ve spent years observing what and how campers pack

5 Essential Summer Camp Packing Tips Every Parent Should Know

HAPPY CAMPERS: 9 Summer Camp Secrets for Raising Kids Who Become Thriving Adults is now available on Audible! Visit Sunshine Parenting for more episodes & resources. Subscribe for resources and ideas for happier, more connected families. In Episode 178, my daughter

Ep. 178: Connecting More Deeply

Show Notes Subscribe for resources and ideas for happier, more connected families.  This is an encore presentation of one of my favorite episodes. Enjoy! This episode is a live recording of my chat with Sara Kuljis about some of our

[Encore] Ep. 119: Year-End Reflection Activities

Enjoy the little things because one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things. Download this episode. In Episode 63, I’m chatting with my friend Sara Kuljis of Yosemite Sierra Summer Camp and Emerald Cove Day Camp.

Ep. 63: Growing Gratitude with Sara Kuljis

The end of one year and beginning of the next offers a unique opportunity to both reflect back and plan ahead. Because I’ve been a journaler and list-maker since I was very young, I’ve always loved this time of transition

5 Simple Year-End Reflection Activities

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