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Hi Friends, Does anyone else enjoy marking the end of one year and the beginning of the next? Maybe it’s because I’ve always loved calendars and planning, but I find it extremely psychologically satisfying to close the book on one

10 Simple Reflection & Connection Activities

Teachers at the Jewish Community Center of Dallas with their One Words for 2018. Dear Audrey, I am the early childhood/camp director at the Jewish Community Center of Dallas (and parent of 4) and I really enjoy everything that you

One Word

If you enjoyed listening to Camp Secret #1: Connection Comes First (the first chapter of my book), consider purchasing Happy Campers at Audible & Apple Books.  

Camp Secret #1: Connection Comes First

Sharing three good things with each other during daily family sharing is a great way to connect AND grow gratitude. It’s simple. During sharing time, each person shares three good things that happened in their day OR three things they’re

Three Good Things

“Just like at camp, connections are the result of intentionally chosen, day-to-day family habits that create feelings of warmth and belonging.”​ –Happy Campers Secret #1: Connection Comes First One of my favorite connection tips (besides unplugging) is having a daily family

Connection Tip #2: Start a Daily Family Sharing Habit

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