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Hi! I’m Audrey Monke. Thanks for visiting my little corner of the internet here at Sunshine Parenting! Watch this 1-minute video to learn why I wrote this post about the importance of teaching kids how to introduce themselves to others: Because

7 Simple Steps to Teach Kids to Introduce Themselves

  “The movie Stepford Wives came to mind as I watched my students live their college life still somehow looking to the sidelines for mom or dad’s direction, protection, or intervention as if they were five, playing soccer, and needed

How Camp Helps Parents Raise Adults

When children are at summer camp, parents have a new daily “to do”– write and send a letter or email to their camper! Because we’re not in the habit of writing letters to our kids much these days – with

5 Fun Ideas for Letters to Campers

What skills do our kids need in order to be ready for adulthood? Readiness is an interesting concept. Many things we do, like going to summer camp for the first time, starting college or a new job or becoming a

Ready for Adulthood Check-List for Kids

HAPPY CAMPERS: 9 Summer Camp Secrets for Raising Kids Who Become Thriving Adults is now available on Audible! Visit Sunshine Parenting for more episodes & resources. Subscribe for resources and ideas for happier, more connected families. In Episode 37, Sara Kuljis

[ENCORE] Ep. 37: 8 Tips for First-Time Camp Parents

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