"Finding the right tribe" hit home. I had been trying to get my daughter to become closer to two girls because of my friendship with their moms, and it's been clear for awhile that, that's just not going to happen. Finding the right tribe was just what I needed to hear. Thank you." Kris

"Your realistic perspective and funny comments and stories about your own family makes us feel like we are all on the same page." Jennifer

"You are so tremendously helpful to me right now as I navigate life and values and best selves with my 11-year-old and 16-year-old daughters. Thank you for sharing your perspectives and expertise with those of us who sometimes need a parenting boost."  Sarah

How can Sunshine encourage you or your kids?

An important note: This coaching is not therapeutic and will not help with treatment for mental health conditions. This coaching focuses on outer action with measurable results and specific short-term changes. This is not therapeutic counseling, which is beneficial and highly recommended for many individuals and families, either instead of or in addition to coaching.

Raise Thriving Kids:
Parenting strategies for happier, more connected families

During four or five one-hour coaching sessions, parents of elementary through college-age children will benefit from research-based strategies & ideas for overcoming common challenges and raising optimistic, resilient, kind, & responsible kids & adolescents.

Package of five one-hour sessions includes one (optional) family meeting facilitation with your entire family plus four additional sessions with parent(s), with individual email correspondence and resources provided between sessions.

Practical strategies & coaching on topics including:

  • Modeling thriving adulthood
  • Creating close, supportive relationships
  • Dealing with sibling conflict
  • Providing the support and structure kids your kids need at different ages and developmental stages
  • Strengthening your family's well-being by identifying key values and fostering the character traits and habits that lead to happiness and success.

Be Your Best Self: 
Life Coaching for Adolescents & Young Adults (Ages 13-25)

Adolescents and young adults benefit from positive, practical strategies for identifying values, goals, habits, and strengths for creating a happy, fulfilling life now and preparing for a thriving future. 

All kids want to know what makes them special and how to feel happier, more purposeful, and more valued. By reflecting on their values and working on their habits, friendship skills, and family & community involvement, adolescents set themselves up to thrive both now and into adulthood.

Encouragement & guidance for adolescents and young adults to reflect on:

  • Social skills & relationships
  • Strengths & talents
  • Healthy habits and goals for mind, body, and soul
  • Actionable, simple strategies they can implement immediately

Friendship Skills Coaching 
(Ages 10-18)

Friendship skills, just like academic and athletic skills, can be improved. Of all the skills we learn in childhood and adolescence, social skills predict the best outcomes for our future relationship and career success. Through reflection, discussion, role playing, and follow-up, kids learn about and practice social and emotional skills including self-regulation, empathy, and conversation skills.

Encouragement & guidance for children and teens to:

  • Assess their current social skills strengths & deficits
  • Reflect on their current or past friendships
  • Develop and implement strategies for making new friends
  • Learn about and practice skills required to be a good friend and keep their friendships strong

Coaching Rates

Package of five one-hour sessions


Package of four one-hour sessions 


One one-hour session (covering one topic/challenge only)


*Family meeting facilitation


*Family meeting facilitation: Sometimes all your family needs is a strategy session with an outside facilitator. In addition to the meeting facilitation, Sunshine will conduct pre-meeting intake questionnaires & provide follow-up notes and recommendations.

Sunshine works with several associate coaches whose fees are lower. Complete the inquiry form below if you are interested in coaching from either Sunshine or one of her associates.

About Audrey "Sunshine" Monke

Over more than three decades of working with campers and young adult camp counselors, raising five kids, studying positive psychology and child development, and researching & writing her book (HAPPY CAMPERS), Audrey has learned about, experienced, and coached countless parents about common parenting challenges. Her life's work is focused on helping children and adolescents become their best selves by normalizing their challenges and providing positive, encouraging guidance. Audrey focuses on simple, actionable strategies to help kids, adolescents & parents feel happier and more connected and fulfilled.