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30 Days of Kindness

Want to join me for 30 Days of Kindness? Since we have more time to spend with our families at home this month, how about we focus on practicing more kindness? All you need to ...

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Advice & Encouragement During COVID-19: Bringing Camp Home with Mike & Mary Endres

Long-time camp directors Mike & Mary Endres of Camp Chippewa for Boys have excellent suggestions for bringing some camp adventure, challenge, and fun home. Listen to our Chat Resources Follow along with their 13 ...

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Advice & Encouragement from Experienced Homeschool Parent Kate Rader

While many schools are struggling to figure out how (and how often) to offer virtual classes, kids have more free time now that both school and extracurricular activities are cancelled. And they’re home with us ...

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Advice & Encouragement During COVID-19: Bringing Camp Home with Ariella Rogge

Long-time camp director Ariella Rogge of Sanborn Western Camps has a TON of amazing ideas for activities we can do to encourage our kids to explore nature. She also shares connection tips families can use ...

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Parenting & Staying Positive during the COVID-19 Crisis

Below is the link to my interview on the Happier in Hollywood with hosts Liz Craft & Sarah Fain. Our conversation was recorded (remotely) on Thursday, March 19, 2020 and aired on Saturday, March 21, ...

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Creative Learning Ideas for Younger Kids to do at Home

One of the Camp Directors at my camp, Alison, is a former 6th grade teacher. She never wanted to homeschool her own two children (Greta, age 4 & Ellie, age 7), now finds herself in ...

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