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Why Can’t School be More Like Camp?

Originally written in 2012, but still as heartfelt today. For more information about the work I’m doing to help educators make school more like camp, visit my speaking page or GATA (Gold Arrow Teacher Academy). ...

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Ep. 149: The Impact of Positive Counselors & Mentors on Youth Development with Stephen Wallace

Show Notes In Episode 149, I’m talking with repeat podcast guest Stephen Gray Wallace about his new book, Impact: An Introduction to Counseling, Mentoring, and Youth Development. The book offers insightful commentary on the important ...

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Ep. 142: Using Gratitude, Attitude, and Courage to Cope with COVID

Show Notes Tap into the camp values of gratitude, attitude, and courage to help you and your family cope during COVID-19! This week on the podcast, I’m chatting with camp professional and podcaster Cole Kelly ...

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Ep. 129: A Manifesto to Strength: Raising Anti-Fragile Kids

Show notes & links available here. In this episode, I’m talking to Steve Baskin about raising strong, anti-fragile kids. Steve and his wife, Susie, are the owners and directors of Camp Champions in Marble Falls, ...

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10 Reasons Great Parents Choose Summer Camp for Their Kids

My shy, quiet nine-year-old went to camp not knowing a soul. Two weeks later, she came home transformed.  She blossomed. She made friends, learned a multitude of activities, felt safe, loved, confident, and happy — ...

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5 Ways Camp Grows Grit

“It turns out that grit predicts performance better than IQ or innate talent. Grit makes our kids productive and successful because it allows them to reach their long-term goals despite life’s inevitable setbacks. This ability ...

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