Parenting in a Pandemic

Bonus Episode: Parenting And Staying Positive During the COVID-19 Crisis

Bringing the Values of Summer Camp Home

All About Camp

Ep. #162: Summer Camp Success for Differently Wired Kids

Episode 123: How To Be A Happy Camper At Work

Work-Life Balance - With Audrey Monke and Gabe Chernov - The Camp Owners Podcast #2

Happy Campers: How Thinking Like a Camp Counselor May Make You a Better Dad

School's Out

Happy Campers: Summer Camp Secrets for Parents 

How Summer Camp Helps to Raise Thriving Kids

Episode 273: Actual, real happy families with returning champion Audrey Monke

Leveraging Your Brand & Knowledge - Day Camp Pod #20

Becoming a Grateful Family

Episode 60: Deliberate Parenting for Happy Campers

Episode 15: Parenting Expert, Audrey Monke - Social Skills and Grit

Episode 15: Lessons from Summer Camp

Episode 84: Audrey Monke Returns (Like Mary Poppins Returns! Summer Camp Style)

Interview with Audrey Monke, author of "Happy Campers: 9 Summer Camp Secrets for Raising Kids Who Become Thriving Adults"

Episode 44: Audrey Monke On Parenting & Writing, Part 1

Episode 45: Audrey Monke On Parenting & Writing, Part 2

Give Your Child the Magic of Summer: A Conversation with Summer Camp Director/Sunshine Parenting Podcast Host Audrey Monke

Episode #11: Audrey Monke: Why Your Athlete Should Go To A Sleepaway Camp This Summer 

Talking about summer camp on REVIVE Live, a daily show about marriage, family, and parenting.

Our Kids Net, Audrey Monke

How does camp accelerate the growth of responsibility?

Prizing Generosity: How to Practice & Inspire Generosity

Focusing on Students' Strengths

Speaking & Summits

Parenting in Place Masterclass Series

How to stay calm in times of trouble

Timely Talk, AM Skier, Audrey Monke

Raise Thriving Kids Panel - Timely Talk with A.M. Skier 

Let them make pancakes: Helping kids flourish during a camp-less, COVID-19 summer. A conversation with Jean Rogers and Lenore Skenazy for the Children's Screen Time Action Network.

Raising Happy, Durable Kids in the Digital Age - A conversation with Durable Human's Jenifer Joy Madden for the Digital Wellness Collective's Digital Wellness Day.

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