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Ep. 65: Raising Engaged, Happy Kids with Mary Hofstedt
Kids need time in adolescence to answer the questions: Who am I? Where do I belong? Am I normal? They[...]
Ep. 62: Creating Change Around the World Through the Power of Camp with Phil Lilienthal
When the (campers) get home, parents and teachers, without knowing who’s been to camp, can always tell. Their whole attitude[...]
Ep. 58: Authentic Teaching with Jackie Beyer
At Authentic Teacher we are dedicated to helping students learn using culturally relevant lessons, best teaching practices and state of[...]
10 Fun Ways Teachers Can Help Kids Connect with Other Kids
My oldest daughter started her first teaching job about a month ago. She’s teaching high school English to 9th and[...]
10 Ways to Create a Happy & Connected Class
Part of the “magic” of camp is that from the first moment, we focus on building relationships and getting our[...]
Final Conversations Before College
Today I traveled 2,326 miles to drop off my youngest daughter for her freshman year of college. After a few[...]
Surviving and Thriving (in High School and Life)
Many kids struggle with their sense of worth and forget who they really are during high school. For high achieving[...]
Who’s Not Ready for College?
This is the text message I sent to two friends last week who were dropping their children off at colleges[...]
4 Ways to Make School more like CAMP
My dream is for my kids to attend a school they love as much as they love camp. Two years[...]
Grit, Goals, and Growth
Gold Arrow Camp has taught me to be brave and reach my goals. If it wasn't for GAC, I wouldn't[...]
Book Review: How Children Succeed
“We think that even if your children have the academic skills they need – and we’re doing our best to[...]
Why Can’t School be More Like Camp?
Yesterday, my fourth grade son came home from school downcast.  It’s his third week at a new school, and I[...]

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