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36 Questions to Get Closer to Someone You Love

The art of asking good questions, and listening carefully to the person’s response, is an important skill for forming and maintaining positive, close relationships. Our social connections are the most important predictor of life-long happiness ...

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Stop Dreaming, Start Doing: 5 Steps to Finding Your Career

This post is dedicated to the fabulous young adults who choose to forgo privacy, sleep, and social media to work 24 hours a day, six days a week, as summer camp counselors.  “What am I going to ...

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Need a 2020 Reboot? Try Doing a September Reset

I think of September as one of my three “new years.” I take time early in September to reflect and regroup before launching into the fall. I first learned about this concept of thinking of ...

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Mid-Year Check-In: How are you doing?

How are you doing?A Check-InSubscribe to my weekly emails, and I'll send you my free two-page check-in PDF.GET ACCESS ...

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Presence: My One Word for 2020

For the past three years, instead of writing a long list of resolutions or goals, I’ve come up with ONE WORD I want to guide my year. I’ve also encouraged my family to come up ...

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31 Days of Happiness Hacks

In October, 2016, I did a 31 day writing challenge. The result was this compilation of 31 Days of Happiness Hacks. I still refer back to the hacks, which are never outdated. This morning when ...

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