Happy Campers Interview Series

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Join me on Facebook Live for interviews with Camp Directors from day and residential camps to learn about how their programs promote life-changing social and emotional growth with lasting benefits for both campers and staff.


Tuesday, January 8 (12:00 pm PT/2:00 pm CT) – Mike Endres of Camp Chippewa (Cass Lake, Minnesota)
Watch Camp Chippewa Interview

Thursday, January 10 (12:00 pm PT) – Susan Reeder & Steve Proulx of Carmel Valley Tennis Camp (Carmel Valley, California)
Watch Carmel Valley Tennis Camp Interview

Friday, January 11 (12:00 pm PT/2:00 pm CT) – Susan Baskin of Camp Champions (Marble Falls, Texas)
Watch Camp Champions Interview

Tuesday, January 15 (12:00 pm PT) – Gretchen Collard of Bar 717 Ranch (Hayfork, California)
Watch Bar 717 Ranch Interview

Thursday, January 17 (12:00 pm PT/1:00 pm MT) – Brooke Cheley-Klebe of Cheley Colorado Camps (Estes Park, Colorado)
Watch Cheley Colorado Camps Interview

Tuesday, January 22 (12:00 pm PT) – Julie Walton of Walton’s Grizzly Lodge  (Portola, California)
Watch Walton’s Grizzly Lodge Interview

Wednesday, January 23 (12:00 pm PT) – Jeff Gamble of Jefunira Camp (Stanford, California)
Watch Jefunira Camp Interview

Tuesday, January 29 (12:00 pm PT) – Sarah Horner Fish of Tom Sawyer Camps (Pasadena, California)
Watch Tom Sawyer Camps Interview

Friday, February 1 (12:00 pm PT/1:00 pm MT) – Clay Colvig of Colvig Silver Camps (Durango, Colorado)
Watch Colvig Silver Camps Interview

Tuesday, February 5 (12:00 pm PT) – Maria Horner of Catalina Island Camps (Howlands Landing, California)
Watch Catalina Island Camps Interview

Wednesday, February 6 (12:00 pm PT) – Sara Kuljis of Yosemite Sierra Summer Camp (Bass Lake, California)
Watch Yosemite Sierra Summer Camp Interview

Monday, February 11 (12:00 pm PT/2:00 pm CT) – Amy Broadbridge of Camp Deerhorn (Rhinelander, Wisconsin)
Watch Camp Deerhorn Interview

Tuesday, February 12 (12:00 pm PT) – Adrienne Portnoy-Durgin of Skylake Yosemite Camp (Bass Lake, California)
Watch Skylake Yosemite Camp Interview.

Wednesday, February 13 (12:00 pm PT) – Alison Moeschberger of Gold Arrow Camp (Lakeshore, California)
Watch Gold Arrow Camp Interview.

Friday, February 15 (12:00 pm PT/1:00 pm MT) – Tommy Feldman of Camp Granite Lake (Golden, Colorado)
Watch Camp Granite Lake Interview

Monday, February 18 (4:00 pm PT) – Diana Huff of AstroCamp (Idyllwild, California)
Watch AstroCamp Interview

Thursday, February 21 (9:00 am PT) – Andrew Townsend of Kennolyn Camps (Soquel, California)
Watch Kennolyn Camps Interview

Tuesday, February 25 (12:00 pm PT/1:00 pm MT) – Tom Holland of Wilderness Adventures (U.S. & abroad)
Watch Wilderness Adventures Interview


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