Audrey educates audiences on research-based strategies for raising a generation of kids who become responsible, independent, and flourishing adults.

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Audrey is a summer camp director, parent, author, and speaker who follows the research, trends, and best practices regarding parenting, positive psychology, and social skills. Audrey has researched, written, and spoken extensively on the topics of summer camp, social skills, parenting, and well-being to parent and teacher groups.

Audrey Monke

Audrey distills big topics into manageable, easy-to-understand tips and shares her knowledge with others through her writing and speaking. In collaboration with parents, camp counselors, and teachers, Audrey’s mission as a parent and youth development professional is to help raise a generation of kids who become responsible, independent, and flourishing adults.

“I would like to take a quick moment, now, to tell you that this was hands-down our best talk of the year. You were so completely engaging and inspiring and REAL and informative and just plain fun to listen to.

That’s a not very elegant way of saying:

I loved it, A LOT."

–Karla, Parent at Pegasus School

I really enjoyed the workshop. The topic was very appropriate for my needs and the information was fantastic" - Shelby

Great meeting. I love getting ideas on how to teach my daughters to be happy and successful in life." - Shannon

"For me, “finding the right tribe” hit home. I had been trying to get my daughter to become closer to two girls because of my friendship with their moms and it’s been clear for awhile that, that’s just not going to happen. Finding the right tribe was just what I needed to hear. Thank you.–Kris

Thank you, Sunshine. You give the best parenting advice of anyone I know." - Sheri

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Both my boys have had a hard time fitting in to our uber competitive elementary school. This workshop gave me some insight into how to improve their social skills within this context, as well as a whole new way to look at who your friends are or should be."
- Wendy

Your realistic perspective and funny comments and stories about your own family were most helpful. Makes us feel like we are all on the same page."
- Jennifer

The content was great! Thanks so much for doing this." - Arifa

Audrey loves developing workshops and keynotes geared specifically toward your group’s needs.



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Audrey Monke, with her husband, Steve, has owned and directed Gold Arrow Camp (Lakeshore, California) for 34 years. On her website, Sunshine Parenting, Audrey shares resources for parents and youth development professionals about summer camp, parenting, and happiness. Her podcast features interviews with parenting authors and experts, including camp directors. Audrey’s book, Happy Campers: 9 Summer Camp Secrets for Raising Kids Who Become Thriving Adults (Hachette-Center Street, 2019) shares strategies for bringing the “magic” of camp home.

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