Summer Camp

Hi Camp Parents and Hesitant Non-Camp Parents,

I like to write about summer camp – A LOT – because I believe camp is a really great place for kids to grow and to flourish. I know that a lot of you didn’t go to camp, so you might not understand what the big deal is — why does it matter if your kid goes to camp or not? Well, if you’re interested in knowing all about summer camp, you’ve come to the right place!

Maybe you’re wondering if your child is the right age for camp or if you should make your child go to camp?

Perhaps you want to know what messages to give to an anxious camper who isn’t sure about going?

Do you want to help your child cope with homesickness? Or deal with your own “kid-sickness”?

Maybe you aren’t sure if you should send your child to camp at all and need to know some of the reasons great parents send their kids to camp and why kids flourish at camp? Perhaps you want to see the results of research I did on how camp positively impacts campers’ social skills and happiness?

It’s all here! Read on, enjoy, and email me if you have questions about camp!

Children Learn Social Skills at Camp

Campers Really are HAPPY

Secondary Homesickness: When Your Camper Doesn't Want to go Back to Camp

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