[ENCORE] Ep. 52: 9 Ways to Help Kids Process Summer Camp and Other Experiences

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In Episode 52, Sara Kuljis and I chat about ways to help our kids process experiences. The ideas work for post-summer camp debriefing but also for our kids’ other adventures and experiences.

Sara is a 20-year veteran camp director and parenting trainer who has great insights and ideas about parenting and counseling kids.

Sara, with her husband Steve, owns and directs Yosemite Sierra Summer Camp, a Christian adventure camp for children ages 8 to 16 years old founded 45 years ago by Sara’s parents Jim and Marna Slevcove. Together, the Kuljises also direct Emerald Cove Day Camp in San Juan Capistrano, a day camp that serves children from kindergarten through 4th grade.

Audrey & Sara

9 Ways to Help Kids Process Experiences

  1. Plan time to rest/process.
  2. Listen to their stories.
  3. Look through photos together.
  4. Ask thoughtful questions:
    • What did you enjoy/love?
    • What was challenging?
    • When (not if!) you do it again, what will you do differently?
  5. Avoid “interviewing for pain” (Wendy Mogel).
  6. Bring home a ritual or tradition:
    • Flower Sundays
    • Goodnight Song
  7. Continue with an interest that’s been sparked (archery, guitar, etc.).
  8. Create a remembrance.
  9. Encourage kids to stay in touch with new friends.

Books We Talked About

Off the Clock, Laura Vanderkam

Blessing of a Skinned Knee, Wendy Mogel







Blessing of a B-, Wendy Mogel

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