Bonus Episode 1: Personal Update (Part 2)

In this week’s SP episode (Ep. 157), I didn’t get to much beyond the fire and some general ideas about prioritizing our mental health. So in this first Patreon bonus episode (which I recorded while taking a walk down my driveway, envisioning walking next to you), I share about my summer with my family, our first-ever family summer vacation, what each of my kids are up to this fall, and who’s still at home with us. 

Attaching a few more pics of dogs & people. 

Me on my walk, recording this episode:

With a few of the kids on a hike at Huntington Lake early in the summer:

On the Flat Irons (Boulder, CO) – July, 2020


Evening entertainment – a Jeep ride down the driveway with Grandma & Grandpa.