Bonus Episode #2: Thoughts on Screens, Social Media, Distraction, & Deep Work

This bonus episode is a follow up to the topic covered in Ep. 159: The Social Dilemma with Jean Rogers. I also touch on my discussion with Dr. Shimi Kang in Ep. 156

Join me for my walk (apologies for the wind noise in the last few minutes) as I share some of my experiences and thoughts about my own and my children’s use of screens and social media. I share about my current 30-day social media detox (as recommended by Cal Newport in Digital Minimalism) and my efforts to create a healthy tech “diet.” I’ll give you an update about my next steps. I’d love to hear how you manage screen use and social media for yourself and your family! 🙂 

Here’s something I wrote several years ago about family screen rules:

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