Creative Learning Ideas for Younger Kids to do at Home

One of the Camp Directors at my camp, Alison, is a former 6th grade teacher. She never wanted to homeschool her own two children (Greta, age 4 & Ellie, age 7), now finds herself in the role of homeschool parent. She has some helpful insights and ideas for keeping her girls busy and doing some creative learning.

Here are a few resources Alison is using:

Creative Activities for Younger Kids

One of Alison’s fun ideas for her “students” involved sticky notes.

Bonus: After they place all the sticky notes, they need to collect them and return them to the sticky note pad – providing another activity!

Here’s the text Alison sent me with the video:

You’d like this…I made post-it labels for the girls to label things around our house. We are limiting outside time when other kids are outside. Greta’s post-its are real, tangible items and locations around the house. She can try to sound out the words and then run through the house to label the item. Ellie’s are more abstract. They’re adjectives. Some are good for sparking conversation…valuable, expensive, treasured, fascinating, complex. Some are good for vocabulary development…redundant, translucent, toxic. And some are fun…mom’s favorite, helpful, sticky, old.

Here are some of her other strategies.

The Alphabet Game (at home style)

Find something that starts with letter …

Daily Learning Projects Checklist

Daily Checklist

Quote of the Day (traceable for her 4-year-old):

Quote plus some learning for the 7-year-old

Life skills!

Ellie will be Ready for Adulthood in no time!

Scissors and paper (and Mr. Potato Head) can keep Greta busy for awhile:

The ever-popular, timeless BOX

An “Activity Menu” 

Alison is my go-to resource for creative crafts and ideas, and I’m loving all of her ideas for keeping young kids engaged while they’re at home.

I’ll continue to share what’s working (and not working) for her!