Advice & Encouragement for Parents of High Schoolers

Modify Gretchen’s Daily Activities Checklist (Google Doc)

Use for yourself and/0r your kids.  We recommend having your kids create their own!

Step 1: Open this Google Doc file

Step 2: Make a copy: Go into “File” and click on “Make a Copy.”

Step 3: Add or delete categories and tasks & start using!

Alternatively, you can download the PDF version (below).

daily activities checklist

My daughter, Gretchen, is a high school English teacher. She created this daily checklist for her students. I think it works for adults, too! Let’s remember that there’s a lot more to life (and these days at home) than just getting our school or other work done.

Click on image to download the PDF.

Gretchen and Audrey in Gretchen’s classroom.

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