Learning to be

I just sat down and wrote six pages in my journal. It was a brain dump of thoughts that I didn’t plan out. I just let it flow. And I spent a lot of words on one topic – worth.

Here are a few of the ideas I wrote about, which I may polish up and share as posts, podcast episodes, or in my next book (please comment if you have thoughts on a topic or you’d like to hear more!):

• For as long as I can remember, I convoluted my self-worth with my achievements. That’s a problem.

• When my book came out last year, I was especially sad that my parents were unable (due to dementia) to acknowledge my accomplishment.

• I’m learning to embrace that it is the journey – the being and creating – that is the good stuff of life.

• I’m learning to stop striving and working so hard all the time, to be okay with the 10 extra pounds and the emails I’m not caught up on.

A year ago I wouldn’t have sat down long enough for this borrowed dog to snuggle into my legs or to write just because I felt like writing. But today – this year – is different. I’m learning to be.

How about you? What are you learning to let go of or do differently?