Live Like Nigel

Yesterday was such a great day, because I spent it doing a few things I really enjoy – connecting with people and listening to music!

What do you love to do? Are you making sure you’re taking time to do those things?

My husband and I went to Elton John’s “Farewell Tour” concert last night. What struck me as I watched the band (several of whom are 70+ years old) was how much fun they looked like they were having. I especially enjoyed watching Nigel Olsson, drummer and band director.

This morning, I found this quote from Nigel from an interview he did with Rolling Stone Magazine titled “Nigel Olsson Reflects on 50 Years of Playing Drums with Elton John”:

It was great to be back to the joy and the magic of this music. Being a part of it, being a part of musical history, to me, is just unbelievable. When we play shows now, you see old grandmas and grandpas and then their grandkids. We see little kids in the front row singing along to “Crocodile Rock” and other songs that are almost 50 years old. My job — especially nowadays and the pretty frightening times we live in — is to make people smile and have a good time and forget all the bullsh** in the world. I count myself very, very blessed to be able to do that.
-Nigel Olsson

I’m reminded, once again, how important it is that we model for our kids what thriving adulthood looks like. Here are a few posts I’ve written on this topic in case you, like me, want to be reminded to live more like Nigel does:

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