Sticky Note Solution: Chore Reminder

In my book, Happy Campers: 9 Summer Camp Secrets for Raising Kids Who Become Thriving Adults, each chapter ends with a “Bringing Camp Home” section with five different ideas ranging from simple to more indepth to address the character trait or practice covered in the chapter.

In each “Bringing Camp Home” section, I offer a “Sticky Note Solution.” This is a simple parenting strategy that requires a sticky note pad and a pen (supplies most of us already have).

I find that sticky notes are a great way to communicate with kids – especially when they get to their preteen/teen years. Instead of doing a bunch of nagging and reminders, why not try writing a sticky note with whatever your child needs to get done?

It’s important to be very specific on your sticky note. For example, “Do your laundry” might not mean the same thing to your kid as it does to you. They might think that getting their clothes washed, dried, and strewn over the floor of their room means their laundry is “done.” I suggest being specific about exactly what they need to do and by when. For example, “Laundry folded and put away by 2pm (before we leave for soccer).”

You can read about more sticky note solutions in this article I wrote for South Bay Families Connected: How Sticky Notes Make You a Better Parent.

Pick up a copy of Happy Campers for even more simple solutions to parenting challenges!


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