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5 Steps to Raising a Problem Solver

One of the most important skills our kids need to learn in order to become responsible adults is the ability to solve their own problems. Hovering and overparenting certainly aren’t helpful in this department, but it’s just so darn tempting to step in and solve our kids’ minor problems because we are so good at…


Life Changing Lunches

45 hours. That’s a conservative estimate of how much time I spent making my children’s lunches each school year until 2011.  I used 15 minutes a day for my estimate, because I am not at my best in the early morning.  I spent a lot of time staring at the lunch boxes, trying to remember…


Let the Kids Cook Dinner

  One of my parenting role models is a fictional animal.  She’s the lead character in the children’s book The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes, which was written by Du Bose Heyward in 1939.  I can see why the book was written in 1939.  No one today would write a book like this…