Your camper’s home from camp, and they had a great time. But what exactly was this camp thing all about?

If you want to better understand your camper’s experience and how it impacted them, try one or more of these camp practices. You’ll start to better understand your camper’s experience, and you may just make your day a little happier.

#1 Unplug!
Turn off your phone for an hour, or the evening, or, if you’re really brave, the whole day. Use the time to give your family and friends your full attention.

#2 Watch a sunset.

#3 Lie down outside at night and look at the stars.

#4 Carry your water bottle with you all day and drink it a lot.

#5 Say or write down a WOW for someone (something kind someone did for you).

#6 Take a quarter mile walk outside before breakfast.

#7 Share your high, low, and hero of the day.

#8 Sing a song.

#9 Dance to some music.

#10 Wherever you are, greet everyone you pass by with a smile and a wave or hello.

If we all do these things once in a while, we can make the rest of the world a little bit more like camp. And that would be a great thing!

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