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24/6: Giving up screens one day a week to get more time, creativity, and connection24/6: Giving up screens one day a week to get more time, creativity, and connection by Tiffany Shlain
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“Tech Shabbat allows you to take a break and remember an era when spending time on things that take time was part of the pleasure.”
-Tiffany Shlain, 24/6

In 24/6, Tiffany Shlain shares her experience of taking a 24 hour “tech shabbat” every week with her family – including her two daughters – for the past decade.

Shlain shares – in detail – how her family spends their weekly 24-hour tech break and how it’s positively impacted their lives. She shares answer to every argument you can come up with for why you can’t take a break from tech.

Probably the most compelling arguments for a tech break are improved well-being, better sleep, closer connections, and more time to do the things most of us won’t ever find time for unless we get off our screens.

Towards the end of 24/6, Shlain asks us to contemplate our lives – which seem to get faster the older we get – and consider these questions:
What do you want to do that you haven’t done yet?
What makes you happy?
Who do you want to be more present for?
What do you have to contribute to the world?
What gives your life purpose?
How do you want to spend your days?

One way to find – and live in – to the answers to these questions is to take a true break from all tech for 24 hours, one day per week.


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