Hi Patreon Squad!

Did you catch last Friday’s episode about ideas for cultivating more kindness in ourselves and our kids?

I’d love to hear from you about what acts of kindness others have done for you that were meaningful/memorable and/or what you’ve done in your family to cultivate kindness in your kids. 

As we get into the holiday season of giving thanks and giving gifts, I’m collecting ideas to share with readers/listeners.

Thanks for being here. Your support here at Patreon means a lot to me and is definitely an act of kindness to me.  

Happy Monday,


P.S. Based on your feedback, for my bonus episode for you this month, I’m going to share about my Sabbath/rest practice I’ve started this year and the resources that I’ve found helpful. I’ll post here once it’s ready. One book that was hugely influential was THE RUTHLESS ELIMINATION OF HURRY (John Mark Comer).