Two “To Do”s

Today is Day 25 of my Happiness Hacks series.

Two "To Do"sMy simple happiness hack for today was having a realistic “to do” list. This morning, I looked at my schedule and knew that I would not have much time to get anything done between my scheduled meetings and commitments. And so, I only put two, very easy things on my list. One was stopping at the ATM on the way to drop my kids at school. That’s how low I set the bar.

And it worked! Tonight, as I get ready to relax and do some reading, I’m happy to see that my two, very easy “to do” items are crossed off. My tendency is to overestimate what I can accomplish in a day and create an enormous, impossible list that stares out at me at the end of the day, mostly undone. Not today. I got those two things done.

I may be on to something here.

P.S. I just spent about five minutes researching how to write the plural of “to do.” I almost changed the name of this post to “Two Tasks,” but I liked how the “two” and “to” go together. I will check with my editor tomorrow. For now, my book is calling.

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