Advice & Encouragement During COVID-19: Bringing Camp Home with Ariella Rogge

Long-time camp director Ariella Rogge of Sanborn Western Camps has a TON of amazing ideas for activities we can do to encourage our kids to explore nature. She also shares connection tips families can use to stay close during COVID-19.

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Links to Instructions & Downloads for Activities we Discussed

NATURE NUGGETS #2: Nature Bingo

NATURE NUGGETS #4: 100 Inch Hike

NATURE NUGGETS #5: Nature Scavenger Hunt

About Ariella Rogge

Ariella began her career at Sanborn when she was twelve. After five years as a camper and five years as a staff member she continued her work with young people as a high school teacher. She and her family returned to camp in 2001 and she became Program Director at High Trails. In 2013, she became Director. Ariella received a B.A. in English from Colorado College and is a certified secondary English educator and WEMT. She has been active in developing Outcomes-Based Research for the ACA and often presents at conferences.

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