Ep. 12: Teaching Teen Girls to “Get Savvy” with Kathleen Buckstaff

“I’ve written the book that I needed as a teenage girl.”
-Kathleen Buckstaff

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In Episode 12 of the podcast, I’m talking with author and parent Kathleen Buckstaff. Kathleen and I were classmates at Stanford in the 80s, and we reconnected a few years ago when I learned about this book she had just started writing. We have since shared many lengthy conversations about parenting and educating others on important issues affecting teenagers.

Kathleen’s new book, Get Savvy: Letters to a Teenage Girl about Sex and Love is a must-read for every parent, educator, psychologist, and camp professional. If you love or work with teens and young adults, please read this book!

Kathleen wrote this book intending it for mothers and daughters but is finding that her audience is also including fathers and even two fraternities who are reading the book this summer.

Identifying predators’ traits, tactics, and tricks is just one important part of Kathleen’s educational message for young women. Examples from Kathleen’s own experience and interviews with many young women provide compelling examples of steps to take to reduce the risk of sexual assault.

“Basically, I want us to change how we think about predators so that we can then talk to our daughters and sons, so that our daughters are aware that it’s most likely someone that they know who may approach them in a way that isn’t okay or that’s illegal or both, and for our sons to be willing to step up and intervene and not look the other way or laugh.”
-Kathleen Buckstaff

I want Kathleen’s important insights about relationships, respect, and love to be shared with this entire generation of young people – both girls and boys.

Respect, discernment, boundaries, and love are all topics that Kathleen covers by offering excellent discussion questions and role playing ideas. Her goal is to help all people create happier relationships.

Learn more about the book and follow Kathleen’s work:

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