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Ep. 88: Preventing Abuse with Tommy Feldman

In this episode of the podcast, I interview Tommy Feldman, the founder and director of Camp Granite Lake in Colorado. We discuss protecting children from abuse, not only at camp but any time they are with a caregiver. This podcast episode has two parts: helping parents know what questions to ask child care providers, and…

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Ep. 87: The Impact of Camp Experiences with Laurie Browne, Ph.D.

In this episode of the podcast, I interview Dr. Laurie Browne, Director of Research for the American Camp Association, about the five-year camp impact study being done by an external research team through the University of Utah. The study explores the lasting impacts and the ways camp experiences prepare young people for college, their careers,…

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Ep. 86: Conflict Resolution Skills for Siblings (and Everyone Else!)

In today’s podcast, Episode 86, I continue my conversation with my friend Sara Kuljis about sibling rivalry. We talk about the 5 steps to conflict resolution and the essential skills that our kids need for positive and healthy relationships with their siblings. BIG IDEAS It seems that kids have their first conflicts with siblings, so…

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Happy Campers: Gold Arrow Camp (Huntington Lake, CA)

Gold Arrow Camp “This year our [camp] theme is “Filling Buckets,” which I’m pretty excited about. It comes from a great children book. But the gist of it is that we all have this invisible bucket and we all have the power to fill each other’s buckets or empty each other’s buckets. And you fill…

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Happy Campers: Wilderness Adventures (U.S. & Abroad)

Wilderness Adventures “We want all of our students walking away with a sense of accomplishment. Not only from the trail, but from making new friends, from taking on new challenges, from doing things their laundry by themselves.” (Tom Holland) Tom and Catherine Holland Video of the Wilderness Adventures interview with Tom Holland Wilderness Adventures

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Happy Campers: Kennolyn Camps (Santa Cruz, CA)

Kennolyn Camps “We do have a philosophical belief that kids actually, and humans in general, have good friend making skills. What they need is coaching and practice.” (Andrew Townsend) Andrew Townsend (right) Video of the Kennolyn Camps interview with Andrew Townsend Kennolyn Camps

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Ep. 85: Grit is Grown Outside the Comfort Zone (PEGtalk)

Today’s show, episode 85, was recorded live at Pegasus School in Huntington Beach. I’m with my frequent guest, Sara Kuljis, the owner and director of Yosemite Sierra Summer Camp and Emerald Cove Day Camp. We talked about my upcoming book, Happy Campers and we discussed Camp Secret #5, Grit Is Grown Outside the Comfort Zone.…

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Happy Campers: Camp Granite Lake (Golden, CO)

Camp Granite Lake “Our mission, our goal, is to be intrinsic to someone’s lifelong growth through their connections with nature and each other.” (Tommy Feldman) Tommy Feldman & Family Video of the Camp Granite Lake interview with Tommy Feldman Camp Granite Lake Camp Granite Lake Snowy Day Snowy day at camp! Take a look as…

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Happy Campers: Camp Deerhorn (Rhinelander, WI)

Camp Deerhorn “Every Sunday we have a ‘words of wisdom.’ It’s non-denominational, it’s just a very short talk that one of our counselors gives about something that is meaningful in their life.” (Amy Broadbridge) Amy Broadbridge & Family Video of the Camp Deerhorn interview with Amy Broadbridge Camp Deerhorn

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