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Bonus: Happy Campers at Home

Access exclusive HAPPY CAMPERS resourcesSign up for immediate access to printable HAPPY CAMPERS resources including:• 9-week reading plan• Book discussion guide• Ready for Adulthood, Social Skills, & Household Task Audit Checklists• Questions for Connections• Family Meeting Agenda& many more activities and ideas for happier, more connected families delivered to your email inbox weekly! Sign Up…

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Ep. 147: One Family’s Experience with COVID

This week I’m talking with my friend Jill Stribling. Jill’s family has first-hand experience with COVID-19. If you’re a longtime listener, you may remember my chat with Jill back in Ep. 35 about her decision to unplug her family, including her 10-year-old son, whose behavior around screens had started to concern her. About Jill Jill…

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Ep. 146: How are you doing? A Mid-year Check-in

Sunshine Parenting, Audrey Monke

Show Notes My family’s favorite word to use is ‘unprecedented,’ because everything is unprecedented this year. We try to use the word as much as possible. -Audrey Hi Friends, How are you doing? I mean, how are you really doing? Many of us – kids and adults alike – are really struggling right now – physically, emotionally,…

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Ep. 145: Welcoming a Black Son in 2020

danny tobin, courtney tobin, Sunshine Parenting

Show Notes This week I’m chatting with brand new parents Danny & Courtney Tobin about their thoughts and insights about being new parents in 2020 to their Black son. They share advice for white parents about how to raise anti-racist kids. Courtney Thomas Tobin is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Community Health Sciences…

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Ep. 144: Raising Happy, Durable Kids in the Digital Age

Ep. 144, Sunshine Parenting, Jenifer Joy Madden

Show Notes This week’s discussion is with Jenifer Joy Madden, author of How to be a Durable Human. We participated in a conversation for Digital Wellness Day, and this episode is a recording of our conversation from that webinar. We discussed concepts from both of our books. Madden is a health and environmental journalist who…

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Ep. 143: Talking About Race with Alex Gamboa Grand

Sunshine Parenting, Ep. 143, Alex Gamboa Grand, Race

Show Notes Parenting in Place Masterclass Series This week on the podcast, I’m having a conversation with Alex Gamboa Grand about race. I’ve known Alex for twenty years. She came to Gold Arrow Camp as a camper at age 10 and continued on as a staff member (we call her “Loona”). She met her now-husband,…

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Special Message: Listening and Learning How to be Anti-Racist

how to be anti-racist

Listening & Learning How to be Anti-Racist (Links) The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it. Albert Einstein Long after the topic of racism stops trending, white people (including me) need to be actively anti-racist. Let’s…

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Ep. 140: Good News About Our Kids’ Bad Behavior with Katherine Lewis

The Good News About Bad Behavior

Link to show notes for this episode. Katherine Reynolds Lewis is an independent journalist, author and speaker based in the Washington D.C. area on topics including parenting, children, education, mental health, technology, work, entrepreneurship, caregiving, diversity, equity and inclusion. Her award-winning book, The Good News About Bad Behavior (PublicAffairs, April 2018), explains why modern kids…

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Ep. 139: Doing Life with Your Adult Children with Jim Burns

Doing Life with Your Adult Children

Interested in positive strategies for happier children, adolescents, and families? Check out Sunshine Parenting Coaching! Show notes & links available here. In this episode, Audrey’s guest is Jim Burns, President of HomeWord and the Executive Director of the HomeWord Center for Youth and Family at Azusa Pacific University. Jim speaks to thousands of people around…

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Ep. 138: Unselfie with Dr. Michele Borba

Interested in positive strategies for happier children, adolescents, and families? Check out Sunshine Parenting Coaching! Show notes & links available here. In this episode, Audrey’s guest is Dr. Michele Borba, an educational psychologist, parenting expert, and author of 24 books. Her most recent book is Unselfie: Why Empathetic Kids Succeed in Our All-About-Me World. The…

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