Ep. 17: Unplugged Middle School Lunch with Rebecca Gogel

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Inspired by this article, as well as my personal connection to her school, I recently got in touch with Corona del Mar Middle School Principal Rebecca “Becky” Gogel to talk about her new phone-free lunch policy, implemented at the start of the 2017-2018 school year.

Becky is in her third year leading CDM Middle School as Principal and, together with her teachers and staff, decided to implement the no cell phones at lunch policy after watching students and reading the research.

I enjoyed talking with Gogel about how she implemented the program and what the parent and student response has been.

This is a must-listen for educators and parents who want to hear about a great way to get our kids connecting better face-to-face during the school day. Kudos to Gogel for leading the way and showing other secondary schools how to implement screen free times and encourage kids to connect face-to-face!

Read more about Gogel in her welcome message to families.

Read the Los Angeles Times article and view more photos!