Ep. 22 Jedi Mom Tricks (Part 1) with Maria Horner

These really aren’t ‘tricks.’… In order for any of this stuff to work…you have to have a strong relationship with the kids you’re trying to use these on.

-Maria Horner

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In Episode 22, Maria Horner shares some of the important lessons she’s learned as a mom and now passes along to her summer staff each year during counselor training at Catalina Island Camps.

Maria Horner with husband Tom, son Nick, and their dog, Boo.

“You know, those ‘Jedi Mom Tricks’ that you do to control my mind without ever yelling or getting mad.”

-Nick Horner

Jedi Mom Trick #1: The Look & The Look with Head Tilt

Jedi Mom Trick #2: Give Choices (that are both acceptable)

Jedi Mom Trick #3: Clearly Communicate the Rules

Jedi Mom Trick #4: Ask Questions

I asked Maria to share some of her favorite parenting resources, and this is what she had to say:

Here are a couple of books that are a little “off the beaten track”:

Good Influence: Teaching the Wisdom of Adulthood, by Daniel Heischman. He’s the executive director of the National Association of Episcopal Schools. I read his book when Nick was in middle school and was struck but his premise that we should be raising our kids to be good instead of raising them to be happy….because while there are plenty of happy people who are NOT good, almost all really good people are also happy.





My Monastery is a Minivan, by Denise Roy. Hysterical.

The Blessings of a Skinned Knee, and LOVED Blessings of a B-, by Wendy Mogel


10 Ways to do LESS and be a MORE Effective Parent

Michael Brandwein

Dr. Chris Thurber

Book I quoted at the end of the podcast:







Note: I’m going to stop using my super powerful microphone that is picking up all kinds of background noises of my papers, notes, etc. Sorry for the distracting background noises in this episode.

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