Ep. 35: Unplugging Your Family with Jill Stribling

“It seems like we have a lot more patience as a family for each other.”

“We noticed that he started sleeping better. His personality shifted. He wasn’t nervous all the time. He was just that kid that was always active, always moving, always really nervous, and when we removed that piece from the equation, we didn’t know if it was technology removal or if he’s just more relaxed, but we were sticking to it!”

-Jill Stribling

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In Episode 35, I’m talking with educator and mom Jill Stribling about her decision to unplug her 10-year-old son and adjust her whole family’s tech habits. We talk about the personality changes she’s noticed, including his increased concern for others, great conversational skills, and sense of humor. We also talk about how family life has changed and why she believes she made the right decision for her son by not having him use screens anymore.

Unplugged and Reading

Jill Stribling has a B.A. in Child Development and Psychology and a Master’s degree in Education and a specialty in Literacy and Language Arts from California State University and more than 20 years of experience in education.  After several years teaching in public schools in Los Angeles, CA, she was recruited by the American School of Madrid in 2001, where she taught Kindergarten and First Grade and took on several leadership roles (i.e. Grade Level Chair, Accreditation Committee Leader, etc.). With her educational and professional experience firmly in place, she developed a methodology for making language learning fun and began her entrepreneurial journey in 2008 with literally one student in her living room.  Shortly afterward, she had a total of 70 students and actually had to expand her business. English for Fun is an educational group with an English Enrichment Program for children and adults, an Urban Camp Program, an American Early Childhood Center and a Training Center for educators. Today, she owns schools in Madrid and Pozuelo de Alarcon, and this year alone more than 3,000 students will benefit from the English for Fun method!

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