Ep. 58: Authentic Teaching with Jackie Beyer

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At Authentic Teacher we are dedicated to helping students learn using culturally relevant lessons, best teaching practices and state of the art technology to help parents and teachers provide the best education possible in the 21st century!
Jackie Beyer

Episode 58 features Authentic Teacher website and podcast founder Jackie Marie Beyer. Jackie is an experienced educator who is enthusiastic and passionate about helping teachers engage students and make learning more connected and applicable to “real life.”

I was a guest on Jackie’s podcast this week, too. We talked about Focusing on Student Strengths, based on my post 4 Ways to Focus on Our Kids’ Strengthsbased on my post . You can listen to my interview on the Authentic Teacher podcast here.


What is Authentic Teacher all about?

“What I want to do is help teachers create lessons that align with the common core but use authentic examples.”

What are the first steps parents can take if they have a child struggling academically?

“You are your child’s biggest advocate. Get in there and talk to their teacher. Make sure you’re working together.”

  • If struggling with reading, Jackie recommends the book Overcoming Dyslexia (Sally Shaywitz).
  • Using rhyming, music to help with reading

What are other tips you have for helping get kids engaged with their learning?

“I think podcasting is a great way for kids to learn about topics they want, connect with other like-minded kids.” Jackie

  • There are so many great children’s books for older kids (3rd-4th graders).
  • Use audio books (Library has Overdrive)

What being an authentic teacher means to you?

“When you try to force people to learn something they’re not interested in, they’re really just not motivated.” Audrey

What does being an “authentic teacher” mean to you?

“We can take these lessons/skills kids need to learn and teach them how to be critical thinkers.”

“We don’t need to be memorizing basic facts.” Jackie

“Finding things they are interested in and helping them reach their goals, be who they want to be.” Jackie

What’s one thing you think can help parents raise kids who become thriving adults?

Read every night! If you don’t feel comfortable reading, download an audiobook.

“Sharing a book together, there’s nothing more important!”


Where to find Jackie:
Authentic Teacher Website
Authentic Teacher Podcast
Organic Gardener Podcast
Authentic Teacher Facebook Page
Storyline Online (actors reading stories)

Books we discussed:

Overcoming Dyslexia, Sally Shaywitz

The Freedom Writers’ Diary, Erin Gruwell

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