Ep. 6: Staying Underwhelmed with Erica Jameson

“Not WHO you are but HOW you are.”
-Erica Jameson

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I learned a lot talking with Erica Jameson, the third-generation owner and director of Jameson Ranch Camp, a sustainable, working ranch in California’s southern Sierras. Campers at Jameson learn how to take care of animals, live simply, and, as Erica says, “play in the dirt.”

We covered a lot of topics in our conversation about both her own experience growing up at camp, what she focuses on now at Jameson, and her own parenting.


Erica and I talked about her experience growing up in the close-knit community at Jameson, as well as how she experienced camp being an introvert and stepping out of her comfort zone.

“I never felt “lost” because I always had this grounding at camp…”

“Camp made me a much ‘richer’ person and one who values friendships, even across long distances.”

Being “Underwhelmed”

In her own parenting, Erica described figuring out how to be “underwhelmed.” In Erica’s words, “Being underwhelmed allows me to take everything in and go, ‘okay’ and then ‘alright, well, that’s new information, thank you.'”

Erica described the ability she’s developed to “maintain calm when you are presented with something that could be a disaster.”

In her words, “As a leader you don’t have the luxury of panic!”

Clear Expectations

Erica talked about the importance of setting clear expectations with kids and anticipating in advance what could happen so they know their options!

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