Ep. 67: Working Together to Find a Happier Life Balance – Project “We” with Kelly Pietrangeli

Learn how to be your own Life Coach by understanding what’s working in your life – and what’s not – and become consistently proactive about making positive changes. As you become the Expert of You, you’ll gain clarity over your bigger picture dreams, and have ongoing support for making them happen.

Kelly Pietrangeli


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In Episode 67, I’m talking with Kelly Pietrangeli of Project Me for Busy Mothers. Kelly is on a mission to improve women’s well-being by helping us focus on an important project – ourselves.

If you’re a regular listener, you may remember Kelly from Episode 36: Project Me for Busy Mothers.

Kelly lives in London but previously lived in Madrid, Spain. It was there that she met our mutual friend, Jill Stribling. I am grateful that Jill connected me with Kelly, as I have been inspired by both our chats as well as Kelly’s encouraging emails and resources.

Kelly’s website, resources, book, and in-person workshops have provided hundreds of women with the tools needed to improve their well-being, one life area at a time. Her newest project, Project WE, starts in 2019 and provides an online forum for collaboration and support for women seeking to do their Project Me in community with others.


  • When Project Me was created over 10 years ago, Kelly’s initial goal was to organize her own life and find balance in 8 key areas (see Project Me Life Wheel). She created the framework of her methodology over time and with the help of monthly meeting with two girlfriends (her “Power Posse”). This led to her blog, online programs, and her book, Project Me for Busy Mothers: A Practical Guide to Finding a Happier Balance, all of which have helped thousands of mothers to “learn how to put themselves on the front burner.”
  • She discovered that connection with others is a critical component to success. Just as her “Power Posse” informed her journey as Project Me came to be, involving others in the process of meeting one’s goals provides support and accountability.
  • In Project WE, Kelly is creating a community of growth-mindset, like-minded women to check in with, create action steps and help develop the habits necessary to keep each other on track.
  • There will be two parts:
    1. Access to resources for individual work through:
      • Video Training
      • Audio Insights
      • Expert Interviews
      • Resource Library
      • Q&A Vault
      • Action Sheets
    2. Community resources, such as:
      • Group Challenges
      • Monthly Project Life Wheel Check-In
      • Space to Share and Celebrate
      • Tools and Strategies to Help Us Help Each Other
  • The 8 Parts of the Life Wheel
    • Productivity and Time Management
    • Family
    • Love
    • Health and Well-being
    • Work
    • Fun & Friendships
    • Money
    • Personal Growth
      • Work on one thing at a time. Activities which combine more than one focus area can help to create more balance.
  • Project WE membership is designed to help you find your focus, better manage your time and energy, find a happier balance, connect, become a magnet, and build a life you love.



Audrey: “Loneliness and isolation are the biggest issues people have now. We’re so much better together. When I share an idea with a friend, we are both encouraged and we can hold each other accountable.”

Kelly: “I want Project WE to be: you’re becoming the expert of yourself. So it is not about running around asking everybody else what you should do. It is very much about empowering you to be the project manager of your own life. Be your own Guru.”

Kelly: “There is no cookie cutter template for how we should live our lives. We all have different values and things that are important to us at different times in our lives. (Project WE) is going to be a supportive community but it’s about helping people figure out their own action steps.”

Audrey: “Everyone needs this. That time of stepping back and reflecting is what’s missing… Being able to parse out what should be our focus right now, while not trying to do everything at the same time. When we go overboard we feel like a failure because we are not doing it all.”

Kelly: “You can do anything but not everything all at once. Look at which areas of your life need some focus first so that you have a firm foundation for growth. It is this kind of reflecting that helps you to clearly see what’s working and what’s not so that you can move forward.”



Project ME

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