Ep. 8: A Camp-Grown Parenting Style with Scott & Sally Whipple

“Sometimes we feel like salmon swimming upstream, but camp has really made us feel comfortable when we’ve made those decisions that go against the current in our community.”
-Sally Whipple

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In Episode 8 of the Podcast, I talk with Scott and Sally Whipple, the owners of three Bay Area (California) camps:
Mountain Camp
Mountain Camp Woodside
Plantation Farm Camps

The Whipples share five intentional decisions they’ve made that have shaped their parenting style:

#1 Embrace failure
#2 Value authentic, kid-generated work
#3 Give freedom of choice & empower kids to make changes when things aren’t working
#4 Preserve unstructured playtime
#5 Limit screen time

“All these things are learned skills…it really is a consistent, focus effort over time to give them the time and space to do these types of creative things.”

Although the Whipples sometimes feel like “salmon swimming upstream” in their parenting, they are sticking to their unique, camp-grown parenting style!

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