Alicia La Hoz, PSYD, Founder & CEO of Family Bridges USA

In Episode 93, I interview Dr. Alicia La Hoz, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Founder, and Executive Director of Family Bridges. Dr. La Hoz works with the Latino community in the Chicagoland area, where she leads her team in developing and coordinating Family Bridges comprehensive marriage and relationship programs. Away from the office, she spends her time with her two inquisitive children and devoted husband, exploring nature, visiting museums, and building lego-masterpieces.

We talk about why she started Family Bridges USA and about the incredible work that they are doing to solve problems of the culture by helping people learn relationship skills.


  • People need to learn to develop relationship skills and good attachment to others in order to lead healthy, happy lives.
  • Family Bridges inspires individuals, couples and families to invest in their relationships’ wellbeing. Marriage and relationships really do matter.
  • Instilling a message of self-efficacy is very helpful for people living with difficult circumstances. By having goals in mind, you can overcome the obstacles you face in life. The power is within you to reach your potential.
  • Family Bridges and their affiliates offer these services around the U.S. and the world. They provide relationship education workshops in schools, businesses and churches, and throughout the community. They are also active on social media, sharing messages on relationship topics from forgiveness to communication to conflict resolution, in English and Spanish.



ALICIA: “We ask, ‘What can we do that would be preventative to help young people know what they want for their life? What’s their North Star?'”

ALICIA: “There are a lot of very simple things that we can apply, amazing research and tips. How do we get it into the hands of people before they end up in the foster care system or victims of domestic violence?”

AUDREY: “I love that. Get people set up so that their relationships that start off well, with healthy attachments.”

ALICIA: “We would love people to aspire for something bigger than themselves and so we’re trying to promote a message of hope. We all need hope.”

ALICIA: “We want to be able to get a message of hope out there. Yes, maybe current circumstances are dark but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Just continue to persevere. We want to be able to tell that story through the lens of so many people that have come before us that have overcome one thing after another. And in spite of their dire circumstance, they’re stronger for it.”

ALICIA: “We can feel encouraged, built up and just have a sense that things can work out. Then that, in turn, can have a ripple effect in our communities.”

AUDREY: “While lack of hope is related to mortality, drug overdose and suicide, an optimistic outlook impacts marriages, finances, and less risk-taking behaviors. I so believe in that message of promoting more optimism, even among people who aren’t naturally optimistic. We can help our kids develop that.”

AUDREY: “When you feel like you can do something, you can overcome. That hope is very powerful.”

ALICIA: “What we mean by self-efficacy is that there are different hurdles in life that you’re going to face, yet you can overcome them by having some goals in mind. It is within your realm of control to achieve them.”

AUDREY: “It is so encouraging that you’re not only doing your own workshops, but you’re empowering more people and spreading the message through your training model.”

ALICIA: “If we run ourselves out of a job in that city or community, then we are doing a good job!”


Trainings Available through Family Bridges

A Better Me
“A Better Me” training provides resources, lessons, and activities for teaching children how to make smart decisions, problem-solve and communicate effectively. Tailored for children ages 4 to 12, this curriculum teaches kids how to apply social-emotional learning skills and ethical values in everyday situations.

GROWTH: Professional Development
This curriculum provides companies with solutions for relational wellness by empowering employees with valuable skills and boosting their morale. Our curriculum provides training that encompasses team building, problem-solving, conflict resolution, communication skills, stress management, and leadership development.

Strong Parents, Strong Schools
This curriculum motivates parents to raise successful children and teens by teaching them strong character development skills, relationship smarts, giving them a desire for community-engagement, and instilling an aspirational vision for them to succeed academically.

To request a training for your business or organization call 877-412-7434.

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