Gather Around the Table

Today is Day 9 of my Happiness Hacks series.

Gather Around the Table - Happiness HackOn most days, one of my favorite times is when we sit down to eat dinner together. Our family dinners include lively conversation, usually spurred on by our discussion of “Highs, Lows, and Buffaloes.” My kids claim that we have the longest dinner of any of their friends. I’m not sure how they know that…

Tonight’s dinner was especially fun, because we had our daughter who’s been away at college as well as my in-laws joining us. And, because it was Sunday, we started earlier and had even more time to chat.

Even though we were still missing two, our large table full of people felt good. I really like a full table.

Today, my happiness hack was gathering around the dinner table with my family. Gathering over some home cooked food (or any food!) is a simple yet powerful way to feel connected and have some sharing and laughter together.

Of course, I should have just ended my evening with that nice dinner and not watched the debate (which was not a happiness hack). I will now refer to my “Little Things” list and go do something else that refuels me.

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