No Time for Family Dinner?

No Time for Family Dinner

Back in 2012, I wrote about how much I treasure our Family Dinner. That was a precious, memorable year for our family, the final one before our oldest daughter left for college.

Now our family dinners include just four of us (myself, my husband, and our two boys), but they are still my favorite part of the day – and often the only time we really talk and connect.

I have not maintained my vigilance, however, in keeping our evenings free during the dinner hour, so family dinner does not happen as often as it did back in 2012. We’re back to evenings of soccer, tennis, and youth group, all of which conflict with our beloved dinner hour. After talking with a friend over coffee, I came up with a compromise for those nights when family dinner just doesn’t work out. I share my tip in my first-ever Sunshine Parenting Minute (stay tuned for my first full-length podcast!). You can find the audio file at the top of this post.

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