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This is an encore presentation of one of my favorite episodes. Enjoy!

Each month this year, I’ve shared a One Simple Thing tip for creating happier, more connected families. For this episode, I share all twelve tips!

12 Tips for Happier, More Connected Families

January: Daily Family Sharing
February: Calm the Morning Chaos
March: Discovering Your “Authentic” Self
April: How to get Closer to your Kid in 5 Minutes a Day
May: 3 Reasons to Give Your Kid a “WOW” Today: How to Create More Positivity at Home
June: Pick a Summer Theme!
July: 4 Ways to Focus on our Kids’ Strengths
August: More of, Less of, Same of
September: The Magic Relationship Ratio
October: Why We Need to Unplug to Connect with Our Families
November: 7 Reasons to #optoutside
December: 100 Family Memories

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