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Ep. 146: How are you doing? A Mid-year Check-in

Show Notes My family’s favorite word to use is ‘unprecedented,’ because everything is unprecedented this year. We try to use the word as much as possible. -Audrey Hi Friends, How are you doing? I mean, how are you really doing? Many of us – kids and adults alike – are really struggling right now – physically, emotionally,…


Ep. 145: Welcoming a Black Son in 2020

Show Notes This week I’m chatting with brand new parents Danny & Courtney Tobin about their thoughts and insights about being new parents in 2020 to their Black son. They share advice for white parents about how to raise anti-racist kids. Courtney Thomas Tobin is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Community Health Sciences…


Ep. 143: Talking About Race with Alex Gamboa Grand

Show Notes Parenting in Place Masterclass Series This week on the podcast, I’m having a conversation with Alex Gamboa Grand about race. I’ve known Alex for twenty years. She came to Gold Arrow Camp as a camper at age 10 and continued on as a staff member (we call her “Loona”). She met her now-husband,…