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Ep.115: Giving Kids Meaningful Compliments

In this episode, Sara Kuljis is back to talk about giving kids meaningful compliments and focusing on our kids’ strengths. We recently hosted our Raise Thriving Kids workshop in Newport Beach where we spent the day discussing positive parenting tools. Since then, we’ve received a lot of positive feedback, especially on the topic of Level…


4 Ways to Focus on our Kids’ Strengths

One of my highlights of last week was meeting with our Junior Counselors (17-year-olds heading into their senior year of high school) and talking about their strengths. After spending a morning sharing the strengths they saw in each other, reading about the strengths their parents see in them, and viewing their results of the VIA…


Focusing on our Kids’ Strengths

Every Monday morning I get an email with my kids’ current grades. Typically, I scan over them for any assignments or subjects with lower grades. I scroll past the A’s, because those don’t grab my attention. Like most people, I’ve been conditioned to look for weaknesses in myself and in my kids, and it’s not…