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Ep. 166: The Parent Compass

Show notes & links. Check out Audrey’s book, HAPPY CAMPERS. Join my PATREON squad for special perks, including bonus podcast episodes, exclusive posts, and resources.  Subscribe to Sunshine Parenting email updates for free resources and ideas for happier, more connected families. Register for the Parenting in Place Masterclass Series. Links The Parent Compass: Navigating Your…


Ep. 156: The Tech Solution with Dr. Shimi Kang

SHOW NOTES​We know about 70% of parents say that tech use is a constant battle in their home. And I think that we need to recognize that issue goes beyond tech. It really is impacting our relationships, our attachment with our children, their sense of identity, even self esteem.Dr. Dr. Shimi Kang Monitoring our kids’ tech…