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The most helpful parenting book I have found

“Happy Campers has been the most helpful parenting book I have found. Audrey gives simple every day tactics to help every parent. The tips offered are easy to follow and to implement at home. Well written and well organized, I refer back to it often and continue to feel empowered by Audrey’s solutions to common View Full →


Great book for families!

“Audrey Monke nails it. As a former school teacher (current mom!) I appreciate her practical and easy-to-apply advice. Even if you pick up the book and only read one (ONE) strategy, it’s worth it. I started leaving my kids post-it notes, and low and behold, they started leaving them in return. Great book for families! View Full →


Monke is the parenting expert we ALL need in our corner!

“Children raised during the 1960s-’70s had the benefit of free play and unsupervised exploration and the perfect backdrop for self-discovery. Kids today have almost every minute spoken for, organized, and overseen by an adult. Audrey Monke, a 30+ year camp director & mother of five is the perfect person to help parents not only understand View Full →