Top 3 Posts of 2014

Sunshine Parenting: Top 3 Posts of 2014Dear Sunshine Parenting Reader,

Thank you for reading my posts this year!

In 2007, I read a book called Writing to the Change the World. I decided that if something I share helps one person, then writing is a worthwhile way to spend my time.

I started this blog in January, 2012, and I have tried to write about topics that are of current interest to me and to other people parenting during this challenging time. While I may not be changing the world here in my little corner of the blogosphere, I am encouraged that some of you have learned from a few of my posts. Your supportive comments have inspired me to continue sharing my thoughts and musings on parenting and life.

I appreciate you for spending your precious time here at Sunshine Parenting. In 2015, I plan to expand my blog into a website with resources and links to various parenting topics.

I hope you are enjoying a relaxing and fun-filled holiday season with your family, and I wish you a Happy 2015!


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