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36 Questions to Get Closer to Someone You Love

The art of asking good questions, and listening carefully to the person’s response, is an important skill for forming and maintaining positive, close relationships. Our social connections are the most important predictor of life-long happiness and health. Watch Susan Pinker’s TED Talk if you need convincing! Arthur Aron, a prominent social psychologist, discovered that he…


10 Fun Ways Teachers Can Help Kids Connect with Other Kids

2020 Update: Educators who are interested in access to my ongoing webinars, chats, and resources related to creating connection, celebrating strengths, and cultivating character in students, check out GATA (Gold Arrow Teacher Academy) for community, support, and resources! September, 2017 My oldest daughter started her first teaching job about a month ago. She’s teaching high…


The Magic Relationship Ratio

I recorded this month’s One Simple Thing during a retreat this weekend at 1440 Multiversity I attended with my daughter, Gretchen (see video below or on Facebook). We were at Shasta Nelson‘s Frientimacy seminar where we focused on learning about the crisis of loneliness and how to develop closer friendships and help others develop them, too. I…


Growing Friendships: A Kids’ Guide to Making and Keeping Friends

I just read a fantastic book to help kids learn about friendship skills – Growing Friendships: A Kids’ Guide to Making and Keeping Friends (Dr. Eileen Kennedy-Moore and Christine McLaughlin). The book clearly explains simple strategies kids can use to both initiate friendships and be more aware of their “friendship busting” behaviors. With clever cartoons and…

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