Create a “Refuel” List

Today is Day 19 of my Happiness Hacks series.

Create a "Refuel" ListOne of my over-arching reasons for doing this series was to get myself back on track and feeling more positive after a season (decades?) of too much work and not enough rest.

I’ve been much more mindful about how I’m feeling. I’ve also been thinking a lot more about what I can do – each day or as often as possible – that fills me up and makes me feel better. Last month, I created a list of little things I enjoy. I printed it out and now look at it daily. The list reminds me to DO the little things that make me happy.

Today I took a few minutes to revisit my little things list and also create a new, simplified list of things that refuel me and things that deplete me. There are some things that I need to do every day, regardless of whether they deplete me or not, but I’m now working to ensure I include at least one “refueling” activity every day.

My “Refuel” List

• Phone call with my sister or my daughters
• Meeting a friend for a walk, run, coffee, or lunch
• Date night with my husband
• Reading
• Going for a walk or run by myself
• Writing

I noticed after writing the list that half of the list involved doing social things with other people and half were things I do alone. I realize that although most would consider me more of an extrovert, I’m actually more towards the middle of the extrovert/introvert spectrum, and while I’m energized being with my people, I also need some restful alone time to refuel.

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