Ep. 33: Jedi Mom Tricks (Part 2) with Maria Horner

You decide as a family what’s important…Every single thing can’t be important.
You have to pick a few things that are in alignment with your family’s values and then really, really be consistent with them.
Maria Horner

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In Episode 33, I’m with Maria Horner talking about more of her “Jedi Mom Tricks!” Listen here if you missed Jedi Mom Tricks (Part 1)! In this episode, Maria shares more of her “Jedi Mom Tricks.” These are important lessons Maria has learned as a parent and as a summer camp director for the past three decades. She passes these tricks along to her summer staff each year during counselor training at Catalina Island Camps.

Maria Horner with husband Tom, son Nick, and their dog, Boo.

“You know, those ‘Jedi Mom Tricks’ that you do to control my mind without ever yelling or getting mad.”

-Nick Horner

Jedi Mom Tricks (Part 2)

Jedi Mom Trick #5: Talk about your values and priorities and what’s important to you (with your co-parent)

Jedi Mom Trick #6: Pick your battles: Decide and be a united front with kids

Jedi Mom Trick #7: Focus on consequences not threats

Jedi Mom Trick #8: Annual question for kids: What are some things you’d like to be able to do this year that you haven’t been able to do before?


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