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In Episode 39, Sara Kuljis (of Yosemite Sierra Summer Camp and Emerald Cove Day Camp) and I continue our conversations and advice for parents new to the overnight camp experience.

In Episode 37, we talked about how to prepare yourself and your camper for overnight summer camp. In this episode, we talk about preventing homesickness before camp starts as well as handling your child’s homesickness once they are at camp!

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Ep. 173: Homesick and Happy with Michael Thompson, Ph.D.

10 Messages for a Homesick Camper

Homesickness Help

Secondary Homesickness: When Your Camper Doesn’t Want to go Back to Camp

Why Kids Need to Get Uncomfortable

More information about Audrey’s new book is here: Happy Campers: 9 Summer Camp Secrets for Raising Kids Who Become Thriving Adults.

In Happy Campers, Audrey shares what she’s learned from three decades of creating a culture where kids become happier while gaining important social and emotional skills. The book is based on her thousands of interactions with campers, camp counselors, and parents, her academic research in positive psychology, and interviews with camp directors from across the country.

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