Ep. 42: Jedi Mom Tricks with Maria Horner, Part 3

“Don’t use the power of your voice, use your feet”

-Maria Horner

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In Episode 42, Maria Horner is back with the final installment of her Jedi Mom Tricks. This is Part 3, the final installment of our series! Listen here if you missed Jedi Mom Tricks (Part 1) and (Part 2)! These Jedi Mom Tricks are important lessons Maria has learned as a parent and as a summer camp director for the past three decades. She passes these tricks along to her summer staff each year during counselor training at Catalina Island Camps.

Maria Horner with husband Tom, son Nick, and their dog, Boo.

Jedi Mom Tricks (Part 3)

Jedi Mom Trick #9: Recognize the importance of the words we choose – being intentional about what we say, our tone and our delivery.

Jedi Mom Trick #10: Answer questions with questions as an empowerment tool.

Jedi Mom Trick #11: Use your feet, instead of your volume.

Jedi Mom Trick #12: Tap into the subtle power to influence behaviors.

I asked Maria to share another one of her favorite parenting resources, and one that she recommended is the book Crucial Conversations, noting that safe environments within a relationship are critical for effective communication.

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